"Hey little buddy wanna shuffle some tunes?"I woke up this morning and what did I seebut my dirty old iPod shoved under the tree.Scratching my head, I yawned and then turnedto reach for some coffee and promptly was burned.Screaming in pain I dropped the full potonto my left foot which now is just shot.Sitting dejected I looked up to seemy loved ones were bringing my iPod to me. I put on the headphones and pressed the play buttonthen started to choke on a stale bran muffin while in my ear rang out a playlist of tunes subliminally saying 'the Mets are buffoons.'So check out this list of songs that did playin my ear as I wept on this cold Christmas day.(The list below is from my iLike profile.   The songs with a "play button" give you a 30 second sample, and if one says "featured" you can hear the entire song.   Those with a "video icon" regrettably do nothing, and also unfortunately iLike doesn't have "Meet The Mets" by Yo La Tengo.   That song and "Where's That Hit?" by Hoodoo Gurus are must-owns for any Met fan.   Enjoy and Merry Christmas!)