That's right, I'm leasing my soul, temporarily that is, to the New York Yankees.   It just goes to show you just how much I hate the Phillies.     I hate Interleague play.     I don't like the fact that the schedule is always unbalanced and this is a prime example.   While the Mets play the Yankees  six times, the Phillies play them only three.   Now if the Phillies played the SAME teams for the SAME amount of games as the Mets, I'm all for it.   But it is what it is so lets deal with it like adults.  The Yankees will take the Phillies on for the next three games starting tonight and I want the Yankees to deal them three demoralizing defeats.   I want  Halladay and  all the starters  out by the fifth inning, I want to see their closer blow a couple of games.   I want Utley, Victorino  and Howard to go into a slump.     I'm asking a lot I know, Halladay owns the Yankees and as far as the Phillie hitting is concerned, it will heat up sooner than later...or maybe it won'tThis could be the perfect storm to send the Phillies reeling;  The Yankees are tough at home and the Phillies are scrambling for wins.   The Phillies have trouble scoring runs and  the Yankees are getting hot.   Let's understand something,  a sweep would send the Phillies  back to 500. and into  the basement of the NL East.   It might even cause a "Charlie Manuel  Watch" to begin"Hopefully by Friday, the Yankees would have used all their good Yankee  luck and    ghosts to pull out at least a couple of wins against the Phillies.And then I want the whole team to go into a slump for the weekend series against the Mets.  I can hope can't I?