So the Mets are now 3 games below .500 and some things are obvious.   The entire coaching staff has to go, maybe not Hale or Jauss but everyone else has to be on the first train out.   However, as one of our authors will tell you frequently, changing managers does not always equal success.   You will also read another author's opinion that changing hitting and pitching coaches is just for sacrifice.   While I do think that replacing the three evils of the Mets dugout would be beneficial that is not all it will take.So today, I ask our valued readers what CAN the Mets do to save this season?   Is it lineups? Is it rotation?  Bullpen moves? Trades? Are there players in the minors that need to be up?   While the season is still  early a famous manager once said "It's getting late early...".   As we spiral towards Memorial Day one can't help but think that after the  next 7 games the Mets will be heading to Milwaukee  10 games back in the standings and 8 games below .500.Change has to come and come quickly for those of us who still have hope for this season.