In an article written by Richard Sandomir of The New York Times, Mets owner Fred Wilpon broke his silence to speak about the rumors that he plans to sell the team.In it Wilpon says the Mets are an "emotional asset" that he was not selling and Sandomir reported that He (Wilpon) said he would not sell even to recoup the money stolen by Madoff.Wilpon who was calling from Aspen, Colorado where he was vacationing showed a side of him that many fans have wondered if he had, love for the team.He says, "My long-term goal has always been to have my son and my grandchildren involved with the Mets, if they choose to be, and Jeff has chosen to be," "Would I sell a building on whatever street, in whatever city? I have no problem with that. I have no emotional attachment to them." The Mets "are part of our lifestyle, what we feel in our hearts," he said. "You feel great when they play well, you feel wounded when they’re not. The team is what we want for our next generation. It’s for them."In a season where Fred Wilpon back in Febuary with no idea of what was to come was quoted saying,"It’s a championship season," Wilpon said. "We expect to be in the playoffs, and deep into the playoffs. That’s our expectation. That’s everyone around here — player, manager, Jeff, myself and everyone that’s around the club." He now five months into the season says "It’s been a difficult season,".Sandomir writes "Fred Wilpon felt the need to emphasize again that the finances of the team had not been affected." This after Erin Arvedlund who wrote a book called "Too Good to Be True,". In it she predicts that losses in the range of $700 million would cause Wilpon to sell the Mets, as soon as 2010. To which Wilpon replies that the losses were "significantly" below $700 million.One can only hope that the Mets will be able to put their money where their mouth is and instead of cutting payroll show the fanbase that money will not be the reason that stands in the way of putting the team on the right path to winning a World Series in 2010. For now it's just wait and see.