So what happen to that Frenchy that was OK with the Mets decision to bench him in favor of Angel Pagan?   Has sitting on the bench during a losing streak brought out the competitive fire?   Has he seen the righting on the wall?From Surfing the Mets:
Jeff Francoeur emphasized Thursday that he "loved" playing for the Mets, but also said that he would prefer to be traded to a team that could offer the outfielder more playing time."If there was an opportunity to play more somewhere else, that would be great," Francoeur said. "I love it here, but if they decide to go in a different direction, I would be happy to play somewhere else."
Francoeur also went on to say: "I see the way things are going.   I see that certain guys have to play. I love it here, but I love to play."There are plenty of rumors suggesting a trade of Francoeur is in the works.   It's a shame that he could not continue to build on the success of his summer of 2009.