It took every fiber in my being not to call every Phillie fan I know on Friday night.   I know better, believe me.   When the final Out was made, I went into my basement, yelled a couple of obscenities toward the Phillies  and returned upstairs  to my living room.   I refused to get excited, I refused to gloat.   I simply marked a W on my Met Calendar and enjoyed the moment with a silent beer.   I thought about the game and  how everything looked so right for the Mets and how  everything looked so wrong for the Philllies.    I also reminded myself that it's only last day in May and a lot could Saturday.   But at least I went to bed smiling and little more excited for the Met Season.   (I also said a little prayer for Frenchy, he's just making so much of a difference on this team)As much as I hate to say it, I expected yesterday to happen.   The Phillies were embarrassed  and  you know that had to come out fighting  with their ace on the mound.   They traded for him just for  that game and he came though exactly like they planned.   To me, Saturday was like playing with House Money.   With one game in the bag, if the Mets were to lose, it wouldn't be that bad.   I wasn't being a pessimist, I was being a realist.   Roy Halladay, at home, with motivation to win is a tough game to win....for any team.Well now  the Phillies  have to worry about tonight-   Our ace vs. Jamie,  The Oldest Pitcher Alive, Moyer.   A nice position to be in I have to admit.  On Friday, I told my fellow Met  fans that I would sign a piece a paper right then and there if  they guaranteed me one win this weekend.   After seeing the Friday nights dominant win by the Mets, I would like to tear that paper up to little pieces.   Winning 2 out of 3 games this weekend  would be nice to begin this little road trip.But let's add the perspective here,  regardless of  who wins tonight, the Mets are now meaningful.   How long that lasts is a question I'll not dare to answer.     But right now, the Mets  have a season and THAT"S worth getting exciting about.  As some side notes,  watching the Phillies-   I don't see a  flawless  team....not by a long shot.   I see a team that has a very bad bullpen(if you didn't love Lidge giving up that homerun that someone must check your pulse) and some extremely delicate pitching (except for Halladay)    I know all this could change on one road trip or winning streak for the Phillies.Lord knows it did for the Mets.But right now, let's enjoy the moment and relish tonight.   Let's root for this team and get excited.    It's been a long time since we felt this way.