Hat tip to Metsfan4decades for this:The frustration of the team is starting to leak out - in more than one area.Cora quoted:"It’s kind of comical… Every time you put on ESPN, they’re making fun of us. Instead of being in the Top 10 plays, we’re on the worst 10 plays. It gets to the point where you get tired of it."You’ve got to play good defense. Look at the teams leading the divisions — they catch the ball. Right now, I feel we’re the worst defensive team in the league. It doesn’t matter who you don’t have. You can’t go into slumps with defense. You’ve got to catch the ball. You can’t give a big-league team more than 27 outs, and we’ve been doing a pretty consistent job of that the last few weeks. They make you pay, man."(I couldn’t agree more, BTW. I give Cora kudos for telling it like it is).Tatis:"One day I’m in left, the next day I’m in right, the next day I’m somewhere else, so it’s difficult. You have to really concentrate, especially when men are in scoring position. You have to anticipate the play.(and this just goes back to what I’ve been saying for days now - about 5-6 guys playing out of position on any one night. If anyone doesn’t think that’s adding to the defensive woes, they haven’t been paying attention.)