I'm slightly ashamed that I gave in...Mets vs CardinalsCitiField  at 7:10pmTemperature: 74 °FMostly cloudy, 20% chance of rain showersWind from the north, 5-10mph.Live RadarDown the road…CitiField; Wednesday, 7:10pm - 73 °F CitiField; Thursday, 1:10pm - 85 °F Monday’s Verification: Forecast gametime temp - 69 °F; Actual temp - 70 °FAlso, as noted in the picture to the right...I'm on Twitter. I'll be using it mainly for Mets-related postings, including live weather updates during Mets games. Of course, you can usually catch me in the Real Dirty Dugout for live updates as well.Thanks to this blog for the awesome cloudy twitter image.