mickey-mouse-mlb-giant-pez-ny-metsAfter spending 83 hours at theme parks in only 7 days I'm finally back at the helm of a computer, with access to all the yummy Mets goodies I've missed over the past week. Let's see...-The Mets went 4-5, which isn't terrible all things considered. However, it seemed like every time I checked the score on ESPN at night from my hotel room they had lost...-On the flip side, the Amazin's lost a series to my "hometown" Nationals. Luckily I was out of town, or I probably would have been at 2 of the 3 games. Oy!-Turning to more optimism, my Metsies won the last two games over the weekend while scoring 18 runs! That's about as many as they typically score in 10 games.-Tony Bernazard challenged a player to a fight and had an altercation with KRod...and therefore is an ***hole and no one likes him. Nothing new on that front.-Gary Sheffield proclaimed "I'm healthy!" and was immediately placed on the DL. WTF?-But Jon Niese was called up to the bigs in his place and pitched an excellent game against the Astros.-Matt Holliday was traded to the Cards...what a boost to their lineup! The NL Central should be a fun division in the second half.And now onto the weather:Mets vs RockiesCitiField at 7:10pmTemperature: 81 °FMostly Cloudy, 30% chance of showers/thunderstormsWind from the southwest, 9-12mph.Live RadarDown the road…CitiField; Tuesday, 7:10pm - 81 °F CitiField; Wednesday, 7:10pm - 80 °F