The Anti-HomersBob Raissman of the NY Daily News discusses the future of SNY's Mets broacast team, Gary, Keith and Ron. At the end of Sunday's game, Keith  alluded to the fact  that he  may not return next season.
"I've enjoyed the four years and, hopefully, I'm in the middle of negotiating my new contract, hopefully, I'll be back (next season)," Hernandez said.
The team declined to comment on the matter, but Raissman speculates that the issue boils down to money.
Of course, in most of these situations, it's all about the moolah. On this issue, from the outside looking in, Hernandez may have some leverage. Darling is locked into a multiyear contract. Cohen ain't going nowhere, either.  
The article takes a strange turn, as Raissman says fans may perceive Keith "as just another selfish ex-ballplayer" for choosing now to drop the bomb on fans who had to endure the horrible season.I think Raissman is reading way too much into this.  Even if the parties are not able to work out a new contract, I don't think the fans will think of Keith "as just another selfish ex-ballplayer." We already know that Keith values his time away from the broadcast booth, so why would it be such a shock if Keith chose not to return?Additionally, Raissman ignores what Keith said; specifically that he hopes to return.What do you guys think? Is this much ado about nothing? Or is the old saying true? Good Things Never Last!For a wonderful article on the guys in the booth, read The New York Observer's John Koblin, "The Anti-Homers"