Today, we continue our season review of Mets affiliates with their team in the Gulf Coast League, where a lot of draft picks that are straight out of high school make their professional debut.Record – 27-29Place in standings - 3rd of 5 teams in GCL East, 12 games out of first placeOverview - The record speaks for itself, it was an average mediocre year for the GCL Mets. They managed to stay in the wildcard race until the last week or so of the season, but that’s not all that difficult in such a short season. Most of the pitchers coming from last year’s Dominican team were nothing special, and most of this year’s draft picks that started in the GCL either had to make adjustments to pro ball or were quickly promoted.Top pitcher: Isaac Monrroy – There were a few guys who were better for the GCL Mets and got promoted out, but for the guys that spend the whole summer sweltering in the Florida heat, Monrroy stood out, striking out 29 in 23 innings.Top position player: Ryan Hutson – Not too many guys in the GCL lineup stood out, but Hutson did tie for the team league in extra-base hits despite a .205 average. He walked more than he struck out, which gave him a solid OBP.Biggest surprise: Beck Wheeler – Wheeler went undrafted out of UC Santa Barbara and had a fantastic season in the GCL, going 3-0 with 2 saves and a 0.87 ERA in 14 relief appearances. He struck out 20 and allowed 17 walks/hit in 20 innings of work. This doesn’t make him a legitimate prospect, but it’s a start.Biggest disappointment: Steven Matz – It wasn’t necessarily his fault, but two years after being drafted, we have yet to see the Mets top pick from 2009. In a perfect world, Matz would start looking like a guy who could challenge for a full-season roster next year, but now he’ll be lucky to be back in the GCL next June.