For the record, I don't agree with the Mets playing in Puerto Rico.   I know Major League Baseball is looking to expand but it's just not going to happen.  If the  Mets and the Marlins walk  away from this field without any injury that is major, I consider it a plus.      Field  Turf went out with the 80's and the only benefit it has is that it doesn't just give you a small knee injury, it could completely end your career.    Hey, did you notice the large round circle in the outfield?   Is this a baseball stadium or a converted soccer field?      I'm just hoping that the injury to Reyes is not as bad as it seems and I'm glad the Mets got the win.Now on to real business---I have created  in my garage a Buick Time  Machine.   That's right, I couldn't find a DeLorean so I used a blender and some  Christmas lights and created  a machine that could travel through time.    Just so you know, I will admit that I actually  own a Buick.    So hope in  ( someone is getting in the child's seat) and lets travel 28 days into the future when our old  friend Oliver Perez  is eligible to come off  his rehab assignment.So here we go----when we arrive at Citi Field we glance into the dugout and I see Cliff Lee or Roy Oswalt or Fausto Carmona  or a new gun sitting in the dugout.   I also see a new utility player instead of Tatis.   Maine?   he is no where to be found.   Takahashi is in the bull pen and Parnell is our 8th inning Set Up Man.   The team is in the thick of the race, both the Wild Card and the Division.  And here is Oliver Perez, ready to come off his rehab assignment.   He feels good because his fastball has topped off at 87 and he is ready to become a Starter again.What do you think is going to happen?This is a question that the Buick can't answer and I don't think the Mets can either.   But they better because now the clock is ticking.I know that they basically have 28 days to either A) re-invent Perez into something other than a starter   B) release him                   C) trade him   or D) hope that he accepts another assignment to PSL.Ah yes, the beauty of time travel.What do you think?Oh, you know what else the Time Machine revealed to us?   David Wright doesn't make the All-Star team and Charlie Manuel pulls a Joe Torre and puts all his Phillie players in the game and lose 8-2 thus extending the N.L. losing streak.   Normally, I would feel bad because I want the National League to win but I have no feelings for the Phillies whatsoever, so watching them blow the All-Star game would just top off my year.  So now what do you really think?