While doing my morning reading I noticed that a few Rockies players are in very similar situations to that of the Mets.  Ian Stewart and Ryan Spilborghs are both coming off very disappointing seasons.  They are on the verge of either being non-tendered or given one more year to show something.  Sound familiar?They also have a closer in Houston Street that has been involved in Mets rumors for most of his career.  Street is owed 7.5 M next year with a mutual option (500K buyout) for 2013.The Rockies have been rumored to be looking for 2B and 3B as well as SP.   When looking at their roster they also have the need of someone who could play 1B as their 1B are 38 and 40 years old.Is there a fit here?  Is there a move that could send guys like Pagan, Pelfrey, Murphy... for guys like Stewart, Spilborghs and Street?