Yesterday I wrote a "test" post on our future site :What's it gonna take?The idea in the post was what is it gonna take to get Mets fans past the emotional damage of the last 3 years.   2010 is a new season that has already been a roller coaster ride.   Starting out slow and then playing incredible through the home-stand, so well they were able to take the lead from the back to back NL champ Phillies.     Following the incredible run they lost 2/3 in Philly after having a great opprotunity to take the series with Santana vs Moyer.   Now they have lost 2/3 yet again to the Reds, both losses coming on walk off homeruns in extra innings.During the winning streak Mets fans had guarded high hopes but now after a 2/4 stretch on the road it's back to gloom and doom for many.   That is their right and I completely understand the frustration.   My question today is how as Mets fans do we get past the trauma of the past 3 years?   I know many disagree with this next thought but I can't help but wonder if the fans not being able to view 2010 as a new season instead of a continuation of previous seasons is detrimental to the team itself?   Is it fair to say that we will get past our trauma when the players do something to get us past it?   Can the reverse not be true as well?UPDATE:Two of our valued readers, njstuckintx and stickguy have provided Mets fans the very 12 step process need to get you past your past.
  1. Sit back, have a beer and relax.
  2. Consider getting laid, that makes everything better.
  3. Realize this is a game to be enjoyed and if you aren’t enjoying it, consider other activities.
  4. Even the hated Yankees do not win every game, every series, every post season. To think all games are to be won it ludacrisp, as Iron Mike would say
  5. Stop listening to Mike Fatty or Big Head Kay. Just stop. Pod cast the Schmooz or just loop the "Meet the Mets" song over and over.
  6. Go have a game of Catch with your kid/brother/sister/buddy and realize why you love the game again.
  7. Get baseball package, watch just games involving the Pirates, Astros, Nats, Orioles… You’ll appreciate what you have.
  8. Watch your DVD collection of the 1986 playoffs, and remember what can happen, and what keeps you coming back.
  9. Go play with your dog. That cures all emotional ills. If you don’t have one, go get one from the shelter. Actually, get 2, they have plenty.
  10. Get out your Jerry Voodoo doll and stick pins in it. Always good for hours of good, clean fun.
  11. Be glad you don’t actually have to work for a living, so that you have time to hang out here most of the day.
  12. Be glad you were not cursed to have become a soulless Yankee fan.
  13. (A baker’s dozen). Go back to 1, and have more beers. Hey, can’t hurt!