As you may have noticed, we have a completely new platform.  The guys at Fan Vs Fan have been helping us out since 2009 actually but we have remained a Wordpress platform blog.  However, due to recent technological issues and vast improvements over the years at FVF, we have decided now is the time to move on over to this great site so we can help it grown while in turn it can breathe some new life into TRDM. 

If you haven't browsed the main page at FVF please do so.  There are a lot of quality blogs from all types of sports and even non-sports related topics.  They also have an incredible debate feature that hopefully we will begin to use in the future.  

While there are so many things that they bring to the table, we are all creatures of habit that often resist change.  Some of the features that were on TRDM before will still be here, some improved, some will arrive later, and some may go away.  What will not change is we will continue to be very responsive to reader suggestions as this is your blog as much as it is mine.  We also will be searching for new quality authors to add to what we have in order to continue to bring you what I still believe is some the best content in Mets blog land.  Without a doubt we will also continue to provide a comment location for what I believe is bar none the best group of commenters on any Mets blog, period!

So take some time to look around and familiarize yourself with the site.  Don't be afraid to ask questions or make suggestions.