I'm going to give all of you reading this a Homework Assignment for today.  Today I want you to listen/read or watch anything regarding the Mets and their sweep of the Braves.  Your assignment:  I want you to assess the tone.In other words.  Observe the way the Mets are portrayed.  For example: were the Mets lucky this weekend?  Are the Mets bad but the Braves worse?  Is this all just fools hope?  Are the Mets just major pretenders?Let me explain why I choose this specific assignment.  I'm a big Mike Francesa fan.  I've been listening to his show for a good 15 years.  I did like it better when it was the  Mike and the Mad Dog show because I always felt that Chris Russo kind of balanced out Mike when he went off on his Yankee rants but so be it.  I may disagree with Francesa but he runs a good show.I'm going to be real curious to hear what he has to say regarding the Mets this weekend....and yes I will get the Daily News and the Post just to get a read.And as I write this post on this windy Sunday night watching Fox 5 Sports, it's already beginning.  The announcer is talking about how the Mets are 3-0 and the Yankees are 0-3.  But as he breaks to a commercial, a stat flashes across the screen that states the last time the Yankees were 0-3 to start the season was 1998 when they went on to win 114 games and the World Series.I guess what I'm trying to grasp is that as much as I want to get excited over what happened this past weekend with the Mets and the way they played, I'm going to read or hear someone tell me that it's all for not.  That it's not really real....that the Mets are still doomed.And to be honest.....that get's me angry.However, when it comes down to the Yankees or say the Phillies....it's just a slow start or a minor bump.  There is always optimism when it comes down to those two teams.  I understand that this is only the first three games of the season and you can't rush to judgement.And that's what I'm looking for.I don't think it would be right for anyone to rush to judgement that the Mets are going to be a contender......but I also believe that that thinking should also apply to that of them being horrific.Like I said......I'm going to be doing a lot of reading a listening today.