I'm not getting excited, I'm not scoreboard watching and I'm not buying playoff tickets.  But I am wondering  just how many games the Mets could win in Philly.  Here's what I saw this weekend that is both encouraging and alarming.  Before you read, I do want you to know that I'm not about to go crazy over three games good or bad.  It's just some observations about some good and bad baseball.1) I did not like the way Mike Pelfrey looked at all.  He nibbled around the plate and got in trouble immediately with his pitch count as soon as the first batter stepped up to the plate.  I also didn't like the fact that he failed to get out of the fourth inning.  You can chalk it up to first game gitters or whatever, but let's be realistic.  He was named the Number one starter on this team.  He certainly needs to pitch better if he wants to maintain that title.2) The Mets got beat by a real good pitcher(Josh Johnson), scored some runs against a #2 starter(Rick Nolasco) and beat up a weak pitcher(Javier Vasquez).  I think that's pretty good.  Last year they would have made Vasquez look like Cy Young and lost that extra inning game.3) I love the late inning scoring done on Saturday night, I love the extra inning win. 4) K-Rod.  If money and a comeback season can't motivate him, I don't know what will.  Let's just call it a bad outing and move on.  If he's blowing games in May and June, both he and the Mets have a problem.5) The Mets hustle, did you notice?  I really like it.  Lord knows we saw very little last year.6) It was nice to see the Mets beat up Javier Vasquez.  He's a bad pitcher and the Mets made quick work of him.  I also like the way the Mets kept tacking on right to the 8th inning.7) Jon Niese and R.A. Dickey-nice 2-3 starters.8) I'd rather see Brad Emaus play second everyday.  I really like Josh Thole's approach at the plate on every pitch.9) I really like see Beltran hit line drives and y'know what, he plays a pretty good Right Field.10) Willie Harris was a nice addition.Now that we got that over with, let's discuss Philly.  What if I was to say to you that you can sign a piece of paper right now that said the Mets would win one game in Philly. Would you sign it?  Personally, I think the Mets will definitely win one game and either lose one by a last inning run or an extra inning heroic.  I do think the Mets will lose at least one game out right.I'm not signing anything.  To hell with Philly, if the Mets lose all three, it's only April.What do you think?