Amazin’! Mets owners refi $450M in loans"While the financial terms could not be learned, some of the proceeds are expected to go toward funding the cash-strapped team’s day-to-day operations."I have no idea what to think about the Mets financial situation anymore.  Is it better or worse?  Is this a good sign that the lower credit rating by one organization didn't stop them from getting a new loan?  Is it a bad sign that the Wilpon's needed this loan just to survive?  Is it a good sign that they now have the freed up cash from Wright, Bay and now the refinance to sink in day to day operations or is it a bad sign that coupled with the fact they have this money and they still haven't spent any of it that they are still just hanging by a thread?   Do we believe that they have the money to spend and are just choosing not to because the players don't fit the plan or do we believe that it's just a front and the Wilpon's can no longer afford to operate in NY and are putting off the inevitable? Again. I know already what some believe and at this point I am not sure I could disagree with either side anymore.  As SRT and NJ both mentioned on MMO, as I quote SRT: "There’s a plan in place. You and many other Met fans may not like it, but the plan is there and they’re working towards it. Only time will tell how successful it will be."