Breakin' it down fo yaYesterday Grave Notions suggested that it might be time for Carlos Beltran to consider a move to RF.   If you missed that you can see it here.   Hardly a revolutionary or controversial thought.   In fact precisely 63 minutes after Grave Notions suggested it voice of the Mets masses Matthew Cerrone's Mets Blog suggested it too.Grave Notions presented the idea of Beltran moving here at Real Dirty Mets which is a member of the NL East Chatter family of blogs whose motto is "where the intelligent fan goes when they want to speak their mind" with the understanding that the message would be received as it was presented, thoughtfully, not as fanning the flames of the true believers in the #BlameBeltran crowd (which is actually an entertaining twitter meme given birth by a rebellion against those who ignorantly and foolishly believe that Beltran's mere presence on the Mets active roster led directly to the team's recent tailspin).It is in the context of respecting your intelligence and ability to separate thoughtful suggestions from lunatic fringe rants that I note with the moving of the 35 year old Torii Hunter out of center field the 33 year old knee-brace-wearing Carlos Beltran becomes the oldest regularly starting center fielder in Major League Baseball.   Merely considering the possibility that the oldest center fielder in the game playing with the handicap of a braced-recovering-from-surgery knee might move to a less demanding position does not seem at all irrational to this space especially when there is a ready and able replacement currently available in Angel Pagan.So it is in the context of respecting your intelligence and ability to consider concepts that may initially seem unpalatable to you that I submit the following list of Gold Glove winning baseball players who played more than one position during their major league career who have been elected to the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in the last decade:Grave Notions is aware that Beltran has made 2 starts in LF and 3 starts in RF during his career, all during the 2000 season, while a member of the Kansas City Royals.   So he's done it before he can do it again.   This space is also aware that Beltran has played CF alongside a RF who was a former gold glove winning CF with disastrous results in 2005.   Certainly some hard lessons learned from that disaster could be applied to a move in 2010.   If so many Gold Glove winning Hall of Fame members can play more than one position during their career surely it is not too much to ask Beltran to do the same and surely it is possible to ask this of him in a way that is not misconstrued as ignorant and ill-informed.