Something always goes wrong with the Mets just when things are going well.   I'm not sure what it is.   I don't know if it's one thing over and over or different things each time.   All I know is every time the Mets are on the cusp of a sustained run of success (by that I mean more than 2 consecutive years of post season berths with at least 1 WS Championship in there) something goes wrong.   A foundation for a dynasty is seemingly laid but the dynasty itself is never built.I wasn't old enough to have a feel for the team in '69 or '73 so I can't comment on that era.In '84 when the team was finally good after a futile decade it sure felt like the beginning of a nice long run of playoffs and this was pre-wildcard (for you youngins).   But in '85 they didn't quite make it.   In '86 we all know what happened and thank God it did or we'd have nothing to cling to in a stormy sea.   But they missed the playoffs in '87 and were unceremoniously bounced from them in '88 then slowly faded away.In '98 it seemed like the beginning of something good but then '99 and '00 were like a shooting star.   If you blinked it was over.Then in a surprisingly (to me) quick turnaround for this organization the team returned to the post season in '06 and seemed yet again on the cusp of a sustained run of post season appearances and success but again something went wrong.I don't believe in curses.   There has to be a tangible reason or reasons for this.I guess in the '80s it was a combination of overindulgence by some players and fear of it happening with other players causing them to be sent away weakening the roster.At the turn of the century I guess it was a power struggle between the manager and general manager that the ownership couldn't keep in check.What is it now?   My guess is it's impotent ownership but I can't prove it.   All I know is I see all kinds of shenanigans and ineptitude in all aspects of the Major League level with no clear vision and no clear captain of the ship.   Continuing the ship analogy let's finish this off with an exchange between then New York Knick Micheal "Sugar" Ray Richardson and a reporter in regard to the fortunes of the Knicks:
  • Reporter: "What do you think is happening to the team?"
  • Richardson: "The ship be sinking."
  • Reporter: "How far can it sink?"
  • Richardson: "Sky's the limit."
What do you think the problem is?"It's not a knock, but they are some crafty people."