It looks like the Mets will hang tight again this season at the trade deadline.   Omar gets a lot of heat because of past seasons and lack of activity.   However, this season is that what is best?   Currently the Mets are 6.5 and 5.5 games back in the playoff races.   The Braves are starting to slow down going 5-5 in their last 10 games.   However, the Mets during that time are 3-7.   When the Mets were needing to make their run they were struggling on the road.   However, what we witnessed the last 3 games is exactly what we know about this team.   It can compete with any team... at home.My fellow author pointed out yesterday pitching has not been the issue.   Ignoring stats our bullpen continues to be discussed as a hole in this team.   While I think that shifting Taka to our bullpen would make us a stronger team, is it a cure?   Is it necessary?What amazes me this season is the incredible price of role players.   Obviously you can't count Lee, Haren or Oswalt as role players.   However, those guys each would have cost us at least one of Niese or Davis.   Lee the asking price was Davis, they got a Davis prospect.   Haren the asking price would have least been Niese in the fact they got Saunders in return.   Oswalt, while it was a good deal for the Phillies, we actually had no one comparable to Happ other than Niese.   So was Omar right to stand pat in these 3 situations?   Back to the role players.   Who are they?   Guys like Ted Lilly, Tom Gorzelanny, Jeremy Guthrie, Brett Myers, and the like are currently impossible to match considering the Mets current situation.Reports show that Myers and Gorzelanny are not available.   Of course they are but what that means is you better be ready to overpay.   What is overpay?   The Cubs are rumored to want Thole, our heir apparent at catcher, for 2 months of Lilly.Or better yet, Kirk Nieuwenhuis   AND another prospect for Scott Downs.Over the past few years the Mets farm system has been considered a problem.   However, it appears this year it is starting to turn the corner.   With guys like Davis and Niese now looking to be part of the core and Thole ready to step in along with the growth of guys like Captain Kirk and Wilmer.   I also thought that Mejia showed himself to have tons of potential as well.     There's a lot to be excited about there.   What is missing still is depth.   Why could we not compete for some of those big name guys or why do we have to substantially overpay for role players?   We don't have that middle depth in the minors.   The Yankees can afford to trade their top catcher prospect because they have another one waiting in the wings.   The Phillies can afford to trade Happ because he has given them nothing this year.I think, as I mentioned in the comment section yesterday, the Mets like it or not are not a win now team.   The Phillies are a no doubt win now team.   That hurts for now but that pain will not last long.   The Phillies are the oldest team in the majors and have in my opinion a 2 year window.   Bravo to them for recognizing that and doing whatever it takes to get it done.   Happ was a great pitcher for them last year and may have came back to produce similar stats to Oswalt.   However, the Phillies are not in a position to find out.   The Mets on the other hand are young in many spots and may continue to get younger next year with Castillo and Barajas giving way to younger players.     I propose that we not   make the mistakes of the past.   Let this team prove to us over the next few weeks they can get back in the race.   There will be help available in August, there always is.   If the Mets do indeed fall out, trade Barajas, try and dump Castillo through waivers, bring up the young guys and see what we have for next year.   I don't think there will be too many Mets fans upset if the Mets do determine they are out of the race and make a commitment to some of those guys mentioned before.Hang tight!