Our own DirtySanchez wrote an article   on Saturday and in it he quoted ESPN"s Adam Rubin who reported that Hanley Ramirez loves to play the Mets.   Ramirez was quoted saying " They boo their own players, so we like to come here and beat the Mets...We just laugh every time they boo their own players.   It's weird."You think Hanley and Co. are laughing this morning having been swept in a place where fans boo their own players?   I laughed when I saw the superstar of the Marlins lag out of the box in the top of the ninth inning.   I just shook my head when I saw the same player jog after a ball that he kicked into left field.   Y'know, I feel bad for Hanley, I really do.   What Ramirez fails to see, because he simply never sees it,   are  Fans that want to see their team win.    I don't condone booing but fans  do it out of frustration and anger or just the simple fact of wanting their team succeed.    Yea, they can get a little hairy when a team is underperforming but at the same time, the Met Fans can electrify Citi Field.     Now I'm not about to start a war with the Marlin Fans because I'm sure there are a lot of them in Florida.   I'm just saying that Ramirez doesn't understand how it is when you play in New York.   This is   a great town that wants to see winners.   Did Ramirez   hear a boo  this weekend? I don't think so, in fact, if I am correct,  he heard a lot of cheering, especially yesterday when Frenchy hit that 3 run home run.    And the shame of it is that he'll never hear that in his own stadium because even when the  Marlins are winning, the  Stadium is half empty.      I'll ask Hanley this, has he ever seen 36,600 fans in his stadium for a Sunday afternoon game in Florida?   (And we all know that is not a sell out)      Has he ever  played in front of a sell out  during the regular season?    How many reporters are waiting for him after a game?Hanley Ramirez  doesn't understand the passion and dedication of Met Fans-and he doesn't understand New York.