According to Bart Hubbuch,  the Mets have released Livan Hernandez after a terrible July and August.   Livan did exactly what we hoped and expected him to do.   Give a lot of  quality  starts and hold down the 5th spot until  July for Niese.   Only problem is the same damn problem we have  had with everything else.     'To take his spot will be Billy Can I Find A Job For Next Year Wagner.   Stay tuned as to how long Wagner stays in his place.So hes leaving the life hes come to know(he said hes going)He said hes going back to find(going back to find)Whats left of his worldThe world he left behindNot so very long agoOh yeahHes leaving(leaving)On that midnight train to georgia(leaving on a midnight train)Oh yeahOh yallSaid hes going back to find(hes going back to find)A simpler place and time(and when he takes that ride)Yes he is