It was addressed during yesterday's pregame and postgame and yes even Gary Cohen gave it some time during the game.  The statement that Mike Pelfrey said to the New York Post regarding the Mets competing in 2011.  He told Collins he was "misunderstood" before the game.  Why?"Unrealistic" I think was the word.  You know what?  That word is going to be the key word today- "unrealistic."I have to be honest here-he's not saying anything new to me.  My expectations, along with a lot of Met fans I know, were pretty simple..500I didn't expect this team to do any more than that and it's funny because a lot of other fans of other teams told me that that might be too much to ask.  They told me it would be "unrealistic" to expect this team to compete under the current circumstances.What circumstances you ask?  How about an owner who had to borrow 25 million from MLB and was forced to seek a minority owner?  How about a new GM who was did not sign a major impact player during the off-season.Let's not forget all about the "IF's" for the Mets.  You know what I'm talking about.  We do it every year. I'll do it for you as an example: Could the Mets have been in the race?  Sure IF Reyes can stay healthy, IF Santana can come back by June, IF Beltran has an MVP year, IF Bay can hit like he used to in Boston, IF Ike Davis can play up to expectations, IF the pitching can hold up, IF K-Rod can still be k-rod, IF Wright can hit in the clutch, IF Murphy can play second base, IF nobody gets hurt,  And the "IF" list goes on and on and on.And you  wonder why Sports Illustrated picked them last in the NL East?Don't call me a bad Mets fan!  Don't call me cynical either....I'm realistic!You can't have all these "IF's" and ownership issues and say to yourself that this is a recipe for a championship team.   Maybe for a good movie like Slapshot or the Bad New Bears but not for  a Major League Baseball club.Besides, I think the only way for the Mets could've been competitive was to depend on other teams failing. That's not a strategy.  You can't sit in a room during the Winter Meetings and think that your team is going to be successful if the three pitchers from Phillies Rotation gets kidnapped by gypsies or someone steals all the Braves bats and the Marlins like to lose games.When Alderson took the team, I knew as well as a lot of fans, that he was going to make some changes and point this team in the right direction.  I think he's doing a hell of a job.  Again, let's be "realistic", can he do that AND expect this team to compete for the playoffs?I think he knew the answer to that one.Right now, I'll sign any paper that informs me that I'll have to suck up next year as well "if" the Mets could be competetors in the 2013 season.  Alderson is doing that right now.What Pelfrey said yesterday was the dirty little secret that nobody wanted to hear in the Mets organization.  Terry Collins didn't want to hear, it.  His fellow players didn't want to hear it.  Fred Wilpon didn't want to hear it even though he said it himself in so many words earlier this year.Mike Pelfrey was being "realistic" when he said those words.  I think the Met players and Met ownership should heed them not only because it shows what ownership has done isn't fooling the players, but not fooling the fans as well-or isn't the attendance records at every game and the Mets place in the NL East standings proof enough.