Brown shirt, gray rumorsJon Heyman of Sports Illustrated, the MLB Network, and pretty much everywhere else, spoke earlier this morning with Evan Roberts of WFAN.   Here is some of what he had to say:Surely I will be in an accident shortly after passing this signHeyman reports that the Mets' priority list is 5 items long, and he puts it in this order:   1). Corner Outfielder, 2). Shortstop, 3). First Base, 4). Relief Pitching, 5). Starting Pitching.   So if I understand this correctly, the Mets are standing pat at Catcher, Center Field and Second Base.   What a relief.He somewhat contradicted this list by saying that the Mets did not have any specific interest in any specific Outfielder at this time, noting that the Mets had "little to no" interest in Adam Dunn, who is considered an "AL player."Pure joy, impure calfThe Mets are hopeful that Jose Reyes will return in 4-6 weeks, and are satisfied with Alex Cora and Wilson Valdez in the interim, reports Heyman.   Why Shortstop would qualify as priority #2 given that is a mystery to me.Nick Johnson in the latrineDespite Heyman placing First Base squarely in the middle of the priority list, he spent the most time talking about this position.   Due to Nick Johnson's impending free agency and injury history, Heyman suggested that the Mets would not have to part with any top prospects or major league ready players to acquire him.   "Realistically, the Mets would have to give up 1 or 2 AA prospects" to get Johnson in Heyman's opinion.   He went on to say that if Victor Martinez were available, the Mets would definitely be interested, but added that Martinez is not on the market at this time, saying the only Cleveland Indian currently on the market is Mark DeRosa.Bursts New York's bubbleHouston Astros owner Drayton McLane has reiterated that starting pitcher Roy Oswalt is not on the market.   The only Astro currently on the market is Miguel Tejada, per Heyman.   If the Astros were to make Carlos Lee or Lance Berkman available, the Mets would likely be interested according to Heyman, who believes that the Astros have a barren farm system and desperately need prospects to rebuild.   He anticipates that if the Astros do not make the post season this year, a massive rebuilding project will begin, but that doesn't help the Mets now.Young sox fan mocks Met prospectsFurther, Heyman notes the Red Sox have the best quality and quantity of prospects and should any player on the market be of interest to them, they could offer the best package, so the Mets may have some competition for anyone they choose to pursue.After noting that Relief Pitcher was the fourth Met priority, Heyman never spoke of it again.   So there you have it, Jon Heyman's view of the Mets' needs and some potential ways to fill them.   Take it with a grain of salt.Official salt of conflicting rumormongers