Don't ask where he heard it from, but Jon Heyman is reporting that the Mets may soon make their first official offer to Bengie Molina. The offer would be for 1 year at $6MM, with an option for a second year.   Here's the linkage, courtesy of the ever-so-popular MLBTradeRumors.I'm not sure any team is going to go over $6MM for a season of Bengie. I wouldn't be shocked to see a team offer a 2 year deal at $4MM/yr or so, but with the option year with a buyout, Molina would probably be better off taking the Mets' offer. So I think it's a reasonable contract to put on the table. Hopefully once it's on that proverbial table, Omar will back off and let it ride. The last thing any of us want to see is Omar bidding against himself.