My name is Larry Smith and I am a Mets fan.

(This is where you are suppose to say "Hi Larry" just like at an AA meeting.)

For the last few years I have been writing humor pieces for the blog THE APPLE.  The creator of that blog has become so disenchanted by the team that he has chosen to stop supporting his site.  This is understandable but most of us die-hard fans (and are there really any other Mets fans except the die-hards?) opt to soldier on.

I'll be writing articles, hopefully entertaining and funny ones, for you here at RDM.

I go back a long way with the team.  When my beloved New York Giants took off for the coast in 1958 this 10 year old was left without a New York ballclub to root for.  Rooting for the Yankees was unthinkable (and it still is) so I became a boy without a team until the Mets became an entity and laughing stock in 1962.

I've been living and dying and laughing and crying with them ever since.

And to complete my baseball fantasy I got into Strat-O-Matic Baseball just after completing college and optometry school.  One of the two leagues I belong  to has been around since 1975 with my having joined up in 1978.  So when Keith Hernandez calls some outfielder a "4" defensively I know exactly what he means by that.

One ongoing series that I created for THE APPLE was "L'il Murphy's Diary" which is my conception of what Daniel Murphy entrusts to his diary.  We'll be carrying some of Daniel's entries right here.

You can follow me on Twitter at @dr4sight and some of my previously unpublished pieces can be seen at my blog called Rotten Apples