The true Met Faithfull were rewarded yesterday when the news trickled out of Florida that Reyes has been cleared to play ball again.   Yea, Opening Day is a long shot, but playing in April sure sounds a hell of a lot better than May.   Let's keep our fingers crossed here, just in case.   But kinda thinking about it, this could be a regular occurrence for the Mets.If all goes well ( and we stress the IF here again) Beltran could be playing again in May.Lets go for broke, how about Davis in June?And F-Mart by the All-Star Break.It's like the off season without really spending any money, or trading any prospects.   I have an idea, lets' start with our first "pickup" of Spring Training- Mejia.   I really can't see the Mets leaving PSL without him.I think he has earned a spot, don't you?  O.K, I'm sorry, one step at a time, one step at a time.Reyes getting back on to the field puts a little spring in every Met fans step today.   I personally can't wait to see the highlights tonight on the news of Reyes smiling on the field, talking, laughing, taking batting practice and running those bases.  It seems like an eternity since he hit that triple in the first Inter Squad game.