I listened to every inning, right down to Wright's catch to end the game and although I have not gotten tired of winning nor beating the Yankees, the question I'm asking myself is....is it a tall order to expect the Mets to sweep the Yankees?   Am I being greedy?   I love for the Mets to go 9-0 on this road trip  but come on, 8-1 would be just fine won't it?I'm trying to figure out if the Mets are playing over their head.   In my eyes, this was the game the Yankees could've won for the score was well within reach right up to the last inning.    I'm just happy that the right now  because if the Yankees win the next two games, the Subway Series  will be even.   But that's negative thinking right?   The Mets are good enough to compete with the Yankees.    They proved it  last night.   I just can't get out of this survival mode that I'm stuck in.   Or maybe I just need to be pinched because I'm giddy that the Mets are playing so well.But the Mets could win today...... and maybe  tomorrow.    Right?