Coming into tonight's game Frank 'little cat' Catalanotto is hitting .125, .176, .125, .301 in 17 PA.   He has played 5.2 innings of 1B and 2.2 innings of LF.Chris Carter, who also plays 1B and OF, is batting.306, .358, .565, .923 in AAA.Nick Evans who also plays 1B and OF, is batting.318, .387, .591, .978 in AA.Jesus Feliciano who also plays OF (has played a little 1B) is batting.368, .415, .474, .888Mike Hessman who plays every position (badly) is batting.293, .358, 586, .944Russ Adams who actually plays multiple positions is hitting.324, .351, .382, .734By comparison Oliver Perez, Johan, GMJR, Pelfrey and Valdez all have a higher OPS.The counter point has always been that Catalanotto is an experienced bench guy who can play multiple positions.   None of the other candidates have his experience with riding the bench as a PH.   In my opinion, while it's early now is the best time to give some of these other guys a chance to produce in that spot.   Can the Mets continue to play basically one man down?   It's hard to believe but on the current roster the Mets using GMJR tonight to spell Frenchy is actually the best move.   Even GMJR has better numbers.