Yesterday the Mets GM Sandy Alderson during an interview with Mike Francesa of 660AM WFAN made the following statement.
"I’m not happy with what we were able to do or not able to do with the outfield and I take total responsibility for that. At the same time, I’m not sure that what we have currently is a significant downgrade from what we had last year. That’s not a compliment, but I think there’s been a lot of focus on the outfield. In some ways, it’s detracted from a more fair appraisal of what we have elsewhere." - Sandy Alderson
After doing some digging if the 2013 outfield at least offensively indeed turns out to be a significant downgrade compared to the 2012 outfield, they won't have much further to drop.Here is where the 2012 Mets outfield ranked in MLB in the following batting categories:
  • 27th - BA
  • 27th - OBP
  • 27th - SLG
  • 28th - OPS
  • 28th - SB
  • 29th - RUN
  • 25th - RBI
  • 17th - HR
It's not hard to see that with the production the Mets received from their outfield combined with that of which they received from behind the plate why the Mets struggled to score. This despite the production former Met Scott Hairston gave them. I want to think it will be hard for the 2013 Mets outfield to produce numbers much worse than this or at least I hope. The table and links below have a more detailed breakdown of the 2012 MLB outfield batting stats.