Personally, I did not get to watch as much of these West Coast games as I wanted, but the Mets indeed played very good baseball.  On my morning ride in I always listen to First Pitch on MLBN and one of the questions is always, "who does this tell us more about?"  Of course this morning the question was asked after the Mets swept the Dbacks for the first time on the road since 2006.  Without hesitation both host said it told them more about Arizona and that heads would soon have to roll.  I think that is most likely true after what I did watch and the reports from the games.  The Dbacks could not get out of their own way and their pitching was mostly awful.  

However, from the Mets standpoint, what does this road trip say about them?  The 6-3 trip featured 3 in Atlanta (2-1), 3 in California vs the Angels (1-2) after what appeared to be poor scheduling that left the Mets taking the late flight out, and finally the sweep in Arizona.  

Lets take a look at the Mets road stats so far:

.257 .326 .343 .669

That's still not a flashy line at all.  League average boast a: 

.251 .315 .399 .714

Certainly the Mets haven't hit well at home yet so it's much better than the 

.178 .251 .346 .597
at home. 

Also interesting but the Mets had 15 stolen bases on the road trip compared to 0 at home.  I guess the old saying of you can't steal first base still applies. 

As for on the mound, the Mets pitching has also seen a distinct advantage the last 9 games over the games at home.  Starting with their ERA's

4.75 at home and 4.06 on the road which seems to be a byproduct of better control decreasing their walk rate and hits per 9 leaving them with a WHIP of 1.281 on the road while 1.436 at home.  Keep in mind all these stats are small sample size but also include that disastrous 14-2 game that has inflated most of these pitching numbers.  Taking out that one start the Mets averaged giving up 3 runs per game and scoring 5.63. 

So what does it tell us about the Mets?  I think it is more than just playing the right teams at the right time.  We all remember times when the Mets would have been the magic cure for the D-backs.  This group seems to be finding ways to score runs while not hitting the ball exceptionally well and finding just the right mix of either a great start by a starter or timely bullpen pitching.  Will that hold up?

What the Mets really need in order to take the next step is to keep a similar winning percentage into this home stand that features none other than the Braves for 3, Cards for 4 and Marlins for 3.  Coming out of that stand with a winning record would go a long way towards proving which Mets team is for real and if this group has the potential to be competitive this season.