You mean to tell me that Hojo has nothing to do with the Mets and their Offensive woes?  You mean to sit there and say that firing Hojo won't mean a thing to this team?  You mean to read this and say that no matter who the Hitting Coach is, this team still won't hit, won't improve at the plate in any way?I think your wrong.  Have you watched this team lately?  Do you like the way they approach each at bat?  Do you have any confidence in their hitting?Hojo cannot be the hitting coach of the New York Mets anymore.  I'm sorry, I know he's from the 86 team.  Maybe the Mets should put him in a suit and kick him upstairs and make him in charge of something like Beverages or Food Concessions.  But he should not be in that dugout any longer.You see here's my problem and maybe our readers could help me with this.  Howard Johnson is the HITTING COACH.  His job is to coach the players and help them hit better.  Right, I mean, that's his title, correct.  He is in charge of the hitting/OFFENSE of the New York Mets.  His job is to coach the hitters such as David Wright and Reyes and Thole and everyone else how to hit better, how to adjust, how to prepare for every at bat.  Here's my question.DO YOU SEE ANY EVIDENCE OF THIS?As of today the are ranked 26th in hitting in the league.  You think Hojo has nothing to do with this? How could he not?   David Wright looks lost, Frenchy is right back where he started from, Davis is regressing, Reyes is a shell of what he used to be. Pagan is barely hanging in there.   I won't mention Castillo and Tejada because they Babe Ruth couldn't help them hit at this point.  They made Kyle Kendrick look like a real pitcher last night.  The Mets literally scored two runs the ENTIRE WEEKEND!  (I'm not stupid, I know one of the pitchers was Halladay)Will firing Howard Johnson make this team suddenly hit and make the playoffs?  Probably not but can anyone, and I mean anyone, do any worse?  Now I'll add this, if I'm so wrong, then Howard Johnson's job is safe for next year right?  He definitely has a job as the Hitting Coach for 2011.Right?