The Mets have cooled off since their hot start thanks in part to the Braves bats finally heating up or the Mets top two starters cooling down pending on how you look at it.  However, during that span it's becoming clear to me that Kirk belongs on this team.First a look at the real stats  Captain Kirk has the following slash line in 36 PA:
Combine that with 1 HR, 3 RBI, 1 SB, 4 BB (and uh... 10K's things can't be all incredible right?).He's also played 73 innings of CF and hasn't made an error yet although at times he takes some odd routes but we know one thing, he plays it hard.So great he's off to a hot start.  Most readers of this site know I am not one to go overboard on small sample sizes so this post is not even about his hot start.  It's about what I want out of this team this year. Something that many of us have said all along in what we figured to be a lost year in the standings.  Hope for the future while watching the kids play hard-nosed baseball.  Seeing these guys grow up right before our eyes and build excitement for the next group of CORE tm players. Will Nieuwenhuis be one of those players?  I have no idea.  However, what I do know is right now my EYES tell me he's ready and AAA will do him no good.  Will having him in AAA and Andres Torres playing in CF win us more games?  Maybe? However, in my opinion we can't start making sacrifices of the future to win a few more games in the present while forgetting the major goal of this season in the process.   Andres Torres is at best a 4th OF.  He was agreed by most to be brought in as a place holder for Kirk or another CF.  Well thanks for holding his place but it looks like that won't be needed anymore.Again, don't mistake this post for me jumping the gun.  It's the farthest from the truth.  However, there is something about Kirk that just screams another Daniel Murphy type player only this one comes with a glove.  He might never hit as well as Murphy but his attitude seems to fit right in with this new look Mets and the goal of building a team that doesn't stop playing until the final out.So who would you guys rather see?  A guy in Torres that had his best and only decent year a couple of years ago (not to knock a guy while he is down) or a young kid that looks like he completely understands his role on the team and is willing to do whatever it takes?  I know, I know, a bit one sided isn't it?  For me I hope these next few weeks leaves Terry with no choice but to keep the Captain in charge of CF.