Can you guess the movie that quote is from?  Be careful now, you could be showing your age.  Well, I'll wait until the end of the post and maybe it will come to you by then.

But the quote fits my current state as a Met fan right now.

You see, right now, I have no place to go when it comes down to the Mets......every radio show is killing them, SNY shows take aim on a daily basis, and lets just forget about watching the game because baseball is supposed to be a diversion of your real life.  Y'know, a three hour relaxation period when you get to kick back and enjoy.  

Yea that's not happening with this team.

And honestly, I'm getting kind of down on it.

I'm not saying the Mets don't deserve the heat.  Right now, the Mets are almost invisible, the articles in the newspapers shrink and the highlights at 11 is just a score.

I'm tired.

I'm watching the World Cup.

I hate the World Cup.

You ever try and watch the World Cup?  The games don't seem to end......

And I hate the way the players act when they get hurt, everyone becomes DeNiro when they get tripped.

Look, I'm giving the Mets this year only because of Harvey.  But it's getting bad isn't it.  Look at the Phillies for just a moment, Right now, they are a complete mess and probably going to be Sellers at the Trade Deadline.  If they leap frog the Mets next year, Fred Wilpon should take a serious look at himself in the mirror.

I mean, C'on,  I never knew how tough .500 would be!  As of now, I'll take that!


I understand it's a long process, I understand Sandy is building for the long haul, I understand the Wilpons took a big hit in the Madoff case, I understand that the future looks bright.  I understand that one day the Mets might just be exciting to watch.

I just want that day to be today.

I love the Mets and killing me that they are where they are in the Standings.

I just got no where to go.



Did you guess the movie?

An Officer and a Gentleman