Baseball-NewFeat_Image Yesterday's list covered almost every position on the diamond so with a little creative imagination and the help of the Internet I have created the All- Juice Team!That's right, a team created out of all the players suspended yesterday and just for the hell of it, I brought some players back because let's face it, on the the juice, nobody really retires. Just pop a couple of PEDs and you can play until you're 80!Let's take a glance at the roster of the team that will one day visit your hometown!Playing third and batting .272...A-Rod.Playing short and batting .305...Jhonny PeraltaPlaying second and batting .283...Everth Cabrera (he is really a shortstop but on the juice, you can really play any position)Playing first and back from retirement because he can bench 379 pounds...Mark McGwire!And playing outfield for the PEDS....Ryan Braun, Jordany Valdespin and (again out of retirement) Sammy Sosa!On the bump will be Fautino de los Santos, who can pitch every day.Francisco Cervelli can play behind the dish and even though Jesus Montero can sub for him, he won't need to...Cervelli is a rock and cannot be knocked down.And finally, able to close the game from literally the third inning on.....Antonio "I have the greatest last name in MLB History" Bastardo!Managing the team will be the legend of steriod use...Roger Clemens.  And in a way he would be perfect for the job because he would constantly lie to the they would lie to him.My only problem is the city the team would belong to.  I mean, who wants this team to represent them?  But then again, they could be that traveling team, like a circus act that never puts down any roots...well, they will have to make that occasional stop in Florida every now and again. Y'know, just to "fuel up" so to speak.And like every team, they also have their mascots!  That's right, they have more than one!  And they race!  Every other inning, because they are PED users too and never get tired, a needle, a pill, and a prescription would run around the field four times. Sadly, the race will end in a tie, however, you will get to see three people break the four minute mile mark because they would be former Olympians using PEDs as well!  You see, the whole team would be an exhibition!I think it would be a great team and the beauty of it is...every year we could add a player and expand the team.Think of the possibilities...better yet, think of what their Old Timers' Day will be like!