This is killing me.  I know the right move is for the Mets to take their time, look at all options and do what's best for the team.  But the blogger in me wants them to hurry the hell up.  As you have noticed there have been very few post lately on TRDM.  Some of my colleagues have been carrying the torch as well as possible but frankly in terms of the Mets there's just nothing to write about.Every possible GM candidate has had their 3rd grade math scores compared and mother's maiden name traced. We have looked at what is wrong, what is not wrong with the Mets.  We have talked about who hustles who does not and even the greatness of the Phillies.We have made references to trades and FA signings but even those feel empty until a new GM is in place.  Managers names have been brought up and shot down or championed but still all talks are on hold until that magical name is announced.  The one we are all waiting for to save the Mets from the abyss.So while I hope the Mets do what is best for the Mets, they could throw us a bone and give us something to talk about instead of just rooting against the Phillies and Yanks.