Every blog from the extremist, to the optimistic, to the middle ground have post out about "Is it time to start worrying about TDA".  Here we are 6 games into the season, d'Arnaud has 17 PA and doesn't have a hit.  The world is now coming to an end, the kid is clearly not what every scout thought he would be, should be sent packing and bring on Centeno or another minor league guy.  I have even read people claiming that Recker should be getting the starts. 

It has become almost impossible for a young player to develop in NY unless he comes out ablaze like Harvey.  The absurdity of bringing up Centeno who owns a .275 .328 .335 .662 career minor league line with 47 extra base hits in 1152 PA is appalling.  Then factor in the notion of Travis backing up Recker, who in my opinion does his job of back up catcher well, when Anthony's career slash is .190 .276 .341 .617in 235 PA while boasting a minor league .273 .351 .461 .812 over 9 seasons. 

Is it hard to watch d'Arnaud struggle?  Sure.  He owns a .175 .264 .228 .492 in a little over 125 PA and a .286 .347 .476 .823 over 7 seasons in the minors.  Of course TDA came to fame in the minors with his seasons in AA and AAA batting .306 .367 .539 .906 in AA and .328 .402 .588 .990 while in AAA. 

However, this is what many of us have said we want.  For the Mets to bring up players and let them develop at the MLB level.  So starting and sticking with d'Arnaud will tell us a lot about the Mets management as well as us the fans.  Can we handle the tail end of a rebuild where players are deemed ready for the next step and we allow those players significant time to relax and come in to their own?  Or will that player have to have the pressure of having to perform offensively and defensively like a seasoned veteran while learning the game?

Of course everything Collins says is under a microscope and there is no love loss between Terry and many of the Mets fans.  However, I do not believe what he said in his recent comments were questioning TDA's ability to hit.  What they were in my opinion were a plea for the fan base to be patient, to give the kid time and let him develop while allowing Mets management the same amount of time to actually judge the player on what he is capable of.  It's hard playing and NY and many a major leaguer have caved under the pressure, why heap that additional pressure on a kid that is so important and vital to the rebuild?  I understand with the Mets fanbase of late it has become an us vs them mentality.  Where we still have to read the drivel of Omar vs Sandy but ultimately have we lost sight of what we all want as Mets fans?  A competitive team with watchable likeable players pushing themselves and each other into the playoffs?  Or is it more important to say "I told you so"?