Don't smile anymore Carlos! Carlos Beltran was a leader yesterday.  He played the role perfectly and lead the team by example.  I like it, I like it so much that I think Mets management should really consider keeping him for next year.  He really impressed me yesterday.  I know, I know, with his contract and ability he should do that everyday for the past 6 years but when I've never seen him be so verbal...have you?  This is something that I thought he would be when the Mets signed him, maybe this woke up something in him. I mean, let's say, that whoever is the next GM were to bring him in his office and talk to him about continuing this trend of leadership.  On Saturday's post game he actully said that he was out to get Utley, yesterday he backs it up 2 home runs.  I know that players can't do that everyday but still, with his ability and health, it makes you wonder just what kind of player he could be or rather should be for next year.  Maybe, being older and a little wiser, we'll see a new Beltran.  A bolder more outgoing one that isn't afraid to say something and most of all, be able back it up on the field as well.  Beltran tilted the game into the Mets favor with his bat and glove and all due to a Ultey slide. Maybe Utley should spike a Met during Spring Training to motivated him again.Hopefully our new manager will do it too.I'll say this, if Beltran becomes the Beltran of old, loses the brace, gets his legs back and stays thin(because he does look thinner at the plate).  The Mets would be stupid to trade him.  If anything, the Mets should hold on to him and if they do fall out of next years race, trade him to a contender for the remaining part of the season.But I think he deserves a chance, even if it is September.  I mean, think about this, the Met outfield could be Bay in Left, Beltran in Center and Pagan in right.  I could see 75 or more home runs coming out of those three combined..can't you? What are your thoughts...if Beltran is 100%, are you keeping him on your team?