I tuned in the other day to check out the Yankees/Orioles game and Micheal Kay was talking about Buck Showalter.  He said that Showalter wanted a team in the playoff race to clinch against them.  The whole idea of this would be to show his younger players what it feels and looks like.   Perhaps Buck is trying to show management something as well.I like Buck and I like the way he thinks and knowing him, the Orioles will be a competitive team with him at the helm. Now addressing our beloved Mets.  I hate to say this but I hope for the same fate.  But I want either the Phillies or the Atlanta Braves to clinch against the Mets.  It would even be a bonus if it happened at Citi field with a lot of their fans in the seats. It's killing me to write this.As I'll go into detail later this month, it is time for Fred and Jeff to see what state their team is in and what has become of them.  Mostly, I just want them to see their rivals celebrating.  I want them to see what is missing on their club.  I want them to re-evuate THEMSELVES and what they are willing to do to help this team. I want to see Fred's face when he sees the visitors clubhouse rug soaked with victory champagne and the players pouring beer on themselves in celebration.I hope he sees it and it does something.I hope.