April 20th and tonight the Mets have to win.  What I saw last night was exactly what I saw last year and I know that writers have stated that but before but if things don't change, it's time to change the personal-big time.  But let's wait for that, I'm waiting for the end of the week to see how this team fares against other bad teams.And that's just it isn't it?  The Astros are a bad team; The Diamond Backs are a bad team.  And if  the Mets can't beat these two teams, at home no less, then the Mets are an abysmal team.  And please, don't blame Bobby Parnell for putting the game out of reach, the game was over when the Astros had three runs.  I saw it a mile away.  The Mets were losing last night regardless.Which is fine in my book.  If the Mets are bad and sub .500. Great, but I don't think there's anyway of fixing it with these players.  See? I just said it and that's going to cause a rumble. What?  trade everyone?  Just because they have a bad April?   But let's not address this yet, let's give the Met's a chance to bounce back tonight and see what they could this week but the writing might be on the wall and it's time to look at it closely. Here's my question to you?  Do you think this team can "make a run"?  Do you think "they can compete?" Aren't you getting tired of hearing this?  Aren't you getting tired waiting for the team to "come around"?I didn't see any evidence of that last night.  Now like I said, it's only one game and it's April and that's what I'm going to hear from everybody.  So I'll sit back and wait but I'm putting everyone on notice. R.A. Dickey gets the ball tonight, but in my opinion, I think the Met offense is on the spot tonight.