As we have all turned our eye towards next year, I got to thinking about the many different directions the Mets could go on the FA market.   This is assuming that the Mets do have around 25-30 Million to spend which for now I think they do.   Granted if a Mets official comes out and says we will lower payroll or after the off-season it is lower.After looking at the available Type A FA and Type B FA I started thinking about a system that would assign points to the type of player the Mets would sign.   This is not completely accurate because some rankings are totally off and player contracts will vary but I thought it would be a little fun today to see where our readers would go with this.   I have also included a Type C and Type D player.   Type C players are right on the border of being a Type B and may have been if not for injury.   Type D players are bench guys for the most part with some MLB experience.   To see the ranking I used to come up with my list click here.Type A FA: 5 pointsType B FA: 3 pointsType C FA: 2 pointsType D FA: 1 pointFor the sake of this discussion I assigned the Mets 10 points to use.So you may choose as many players from the list as you want as long as your final list is 10 points or less.Click More For the List!<!--more-->Type A FA:OF:   Abreu, Bay, Damon, Dye, Vlad, HolidayIF/C: Cabrera, Hudson, Lopez, Molina, Glaus, Scutaro, FigginsSP: Harden, Lackey, Wolf, PettiteRP: Betancourt, Eyre, Valverde, Gonzalez, Hawkins, SorianoType BOF: Nady,   Byrd, Matsui, Giles, Anderson, Cameron, Winn, Sheffield, TatisIF/C: Hernandez, Kendall, Schneider, Variteck, Barajas, Pudge, Olivo,   Delgado, Johnson, LaRoche, Polanco, Mora, Beltre, DeRosa, Tejada, Feliz, Belliard, SanchezSP: Webb?, Pinero, Johnson, Looper, Davis, Padilla, Marquis, Bedard, Duchscherer, Washburn, GarlandRP:   Brocail, Howry, Park, Ohman, Calero, Beimel, Rodney, Springer, Lyon, ShouseType C:Catcher: Zaun, Jose Molina, TorrealbaOF: Hariston JR, Griffey, Crisp, AnkielIF: Branyan, Blalock, Thome, Crosby, Crede, Carroll, Greene, LorettaSP: Pavano, Escobar, Tim Hudson?, Myers, Smoltz, Hampton (injured?)RP: Guardado, Jamey Wright, Percival (retired?) Hendrickson, Bradford, Mahay, Putz, C. VargasType D:C: Castro, Moeller, Barrett, Asumus, Bard, Blanco, Bako, LarueOF: Kapler, Podsednick, Ktosay, Baldelli, Chavez, Stairs, Catalanotto, Kearns, Reed JohnsonIF: Hinske, Sweeney, Mietkiewicz, D. Young, Tracy, Aurilia, Blum, Counsell, Juan Castro, Cora, Uribe, Everett, A. Gonzalez, Quinlan, Kennedy, McDonald.SP: Colon, Moehler, Livan, Contreras, Schmidt? (injured)RP: Batista, Tomko, Issy, Benoit, Ayala, Herges, Villone, Embree, Jeff WEaver, Show, Rincon, Wells, Fogg