I'm calling Scott Boras to the carpet regarding his ill management of his client Oliver Perez.  I'm blaming him for the lack of effort Perez has put forth to try to make it back into the Met rotation.  I blame Boras for his client's refusal to take an assignment in the minors to straighten himself out-thus handcuffing his team and team mates. Perez  hung out his team to dry, but Scott Boras supplied the rope, tied the knot and found the tree.I know that in the eyes of a baseball player, Scott Boras is a great Agent.  He can suck a team dry by not only creating a false demand but also make a player seem a lot better than they really are.  I can't  imagine what the owners think of him, they must cringe when they hear he is representing a prospect or player.  Boy, it must have been a great triumph for Boras when he got the Mets to sign Perez at 12 million a year for three years.  He probably told Omar that he would be a steal for this Lefty that is just about the peak at 28.   I see it this way, when the Mets asked Oliver Perez to accept an assignment to the minors to "find/fix/reinvent himself" for the first time, right then and there, Boras should have stepped in and told Perez to take it for the sake of his team.  This would have made Perez look good in front of his team mates because it might look like he cares just a little bit AND it makes Scott Boras look good because it looks like he has some say with his client when it comes down to team-come-first attitude.We all know this didn't happen.What it does look like is Oliver Perez refused the assignment on the orders of Scott Boras, forcing his team to either release him or play a man short.   How does this reflect on Boras?  What, did he hope that they just might cut him loose thus giving him another opportunity to make MORE money off his client if he gets picked up by another team?    He should have been more involved and he should have steered his client to do the right thing by his club. I'm I the only one who is thinking this way?  I'm  just telling how it looks to me and I just hope that other Major League Teams saw the same thing,  it might be something they might want to bring up during negotiations with a future Boras player.But I wonder, what did Scott Boras think of Oliver Perez sitting on the mound last night pitching one inning in a mop up situation and still unable to hold the Braves scoreless ?  A great triumph?  A success in Free Agency? He must be so proud of himself.