The Phillies can't lose, the Braves are beating up the Mets, the Yankees are a shoe in for the playoffs and I'm watching meaningless baseball, again because again, the Mets have been eliminated. It came as no surprise, waiting for the Mets to be eliminated was like waiting for your Discovery Credit Card bill in the mail.   This season can't end soon enough and lets face it, it's been brutal-utterly brutal.   But I'm searching for something  amidst different emotions of anguish, despair and I found it in a small 4 letter word-hope.  It's all I got.   We're all disappointed-Santana's injury is a killer,  the only good hit Bay had all year was the one to his head out in LA, K-Rod's arrest, Mejia getting hurt, the Oliver Perez, Castillo mess,  the Offense, the offense, the offense and did I mention the offense?But unlike last year, I have a different feeling of hope.  Hope for a future beyond free agent signings and hot stove banter. I have hope for the future Mets.   The rookies that appeared this year that were a nice addition and in a way, kept the team just a little exciting to watch.  It was real nice to see Ike Davis at First everyday.  I like the way he plays and I love his attitude toward the game.  Now I know why everyone in the league wanted Josh Thole- he's definitely a keeper. I still consider Jon Niese a rookie, even though he played last year.   Rubin Tejada couldn't hit to save his life but at times showed some real range at second base.  Lucas Duda showed us some power and of course what we saw on Saturday- Luis Hernandez hitting a home run on a broken foot. You can't forget our Diamonds in the Rough Players like Dickey and Pagan-just where would be the Mets without them?   It was even good to see Pelfrey lose and find himself again.I've been listening and watching about how Jerry and the coaching staff will probably get their walking papers and how Omar will get bumped into another facet of the organization.  So maybe with a better GM, a tougher manager and little more flexibility in the payroll, this team might have a chance for next year....maybe.  I could see it, I hope ownership does too.   They need some changes, there is no doubt about it but with this new blood, there can be a silver lining, even though it is stained with a losing season. So I'll watch the Phillies...again, and the Yankees....again,  and cheer for as hard as I can for the Tampa Rays to win it all.So maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel-and it's not a train.Maybe.Just as a side note, it has been exactly one year since I put up my first post here at Real Dirty and let me say that nothing has given me more of a thrill than to be a part of this family of great writers and great readers.  Thank you from the bottom of my blue and orange heart.