I'll say it.    The Mets should've  put Reyes on the Disabled List  as soon as he hurt himself   during batting practice  in Puerto Rico.     They knew how serious it was and instead of resting him,  they now  have to  resort to trying to squeeze him back in the line up.   It won't work.   The  Mets seemed to have forgotten the one thing that Jose Reyes is.....human.   If anyone one of us suffered an oblique injury, we would be on the shelf for a while.   Why is Reyes the exception?....... guess what, he's not.   So now he's scheduled to play on Monday.   MONDAY?   You want to place a bet on that date?   You want to wager that he'll play and re-injure himself?  If Reyes plays on Monday and "hurts" himself again, I've got a secret to tell you.   He didn't "hurt" himself.  He was never healed to begin with.Again someone in the Mets organization failed Social Studies because remember the saying those teachers taught us in that subject?   "Those  who fail to remember the past are doomed to repeat it."Just think, if the Mets had placed him on the Disabled List right there  in Puerto Rico, he would have had at least 19 days of rest and  he would've been ready for the second half.  Here's another issue that's killing me and I'll say this too.   The Mets are making a HUGE mistake batting Carlos Beltran 4th.   That's right.   Why is a player who has not seen major league hitting in almost a year batting clean up?     Yes, he will be ready at one point but right off the DL and on to the most important spot in the line up?   Yea, I know he's Beltran but not the same Beltran of 2 or 3 years ago.     He's got more rust on him than the Titanic.   He needs time to adjust to major league hitting and batting clean up is not the place to do it....not in a pennant race.Bat him 5th, bat him 6th.   If he has an ego about it, the Mets should remind him of how important this season is.   They also should remind him of just exactly how they did without him.