I moving on from this Madoff thing.  I've had it with the lies and the quotes in the paper from lawyers and owners.I just want to see baseball. The Super Bowl is over.There are 7  days left until Spring Training.Everyone seems to be healthy and some players have already reported to Port St. Lucie.Madoff is in jail with like 174 years to go on his sentence and the Wilpons are broke and could be selling the team as we speak.In my opinion, we're beating a dead horse here.  What's done is done, besides, this thing could drag on for months.  Last week, after reading a New York Times article, I sat down and wrote a piece about Madoff and the Wilpons.  The next day I read another article that contradicted the one I read the day before.  I seriously don't know who to believe and honestly, as long as the checks  are still good, I wonder if the players do either.  Whether the Wilpons knew about Madoff or not, we as fans are powerless to do anything about it except stamp our feet and nod our heads.  I am tired of this and I know it's not going away until either the Wilpons sell all or part of the team, or Mets begin winning. Perhaps we can take a piece of baseball history here and apply it to the Mets, maybe the Wilpons need to sell the Mets to a point where they are minority shareholders, thus giving up baseball operations.   Remember,  George Steinbrenner was banned from baseball  for a couple of years which actually improved the Yankees and made them what they are today.  The worst case scenario is that  the Wilpons have to sell the team outright, and if they do,  then hopefully the next owner might bring in a new attitude and obviously new money.  I do believe that there are billionaires out there that want to own a team and I'm quite sure the Mets can find a new owner. So I'm sitting back and waiting for Spring Training. It's the only thing I have power to do.