My friend Charlie gave me the bad news on Friday.  The Met Season Ticket renewal plan came in the mail and he needs money before the end of January.  510 dollars.  What a hit, right after the holidays.  Charlie and I have been season ticket holders before Rey Ordonez was the hottest new shortstop.  Ah yes,  how a long for the days of Shea when I could hear Bob Murphy calling the play by play and I was able to sneak a half a  case of Beer using  potato chip bags and my inside pockets of my thin jacket.Now I get my sun screen taken away.And the Mets want 510 bucks-well at least they lowered it.  Last year I had to shell out 525 clams to watch them get beat by the Phillies, Braves and Atlanta among other teams.I got a month, a good month to decide and  I will admit this, I'm on the fence, big time.  I'm very happy with what the Mets have done so far.  The front office moves are definitely in the right direction but I know that's not going to win us a championship this year.  I know it's going to take time, the problem is, do I want to witness Year One of it in person.I did it in the past, what's the difference now? I like to call it Guarded Wallet syndrome.I don't want a rotisserie team and I don't want the Mets to make a "Omar Splash" just to get me to buy a ticket.  I want to see some really smart moves that have potential.  I have faith in Sandy and Co.I just might have to pass on sitting in the mezzanine this year.I might.