Today I'm going to Citi Field for the last game of the 2010 Season with Charlie, the man responsible for making me a Met fan.  We'll sit in the upper deck seats to the left of the big apple and look down on whomever is playing left and center field this afternoon.  Charlie really knows the Mets, he goes as far back as the 70's when being a Mets Fan was again, the minority in New York.  He's also in charge of buying the Sunday Plan Season Tickets  for us every year. This afternoon we might be discussing something more than the game itself.It might be a money talk.  As in, are we ready to spend our hard earned currency on tickets for next year.I'm going to level with you, I'm not sure how that conversation is going to go.  Y'know, last year I really bought into the Omar and Jeff apology tour.  I listened to the whole interview with Mike Francesa and I have to admit, I really thought that the Mets were going to do something more than get Jason Bay and R.A. Dickey.How's that old saying  go?  "Fool me once..."For the last 5 weeks I've been stewing about the state of the Mets and nothing  has compounded their sorry state more than watching the Phillies and the Yankees throw champagne on each other and preparing  for another October. Changes...well I think there are a lot to be done to say the least.  But where and how is to be debated by myself and my fellow writers for months to come. But what is Jeff going to promise us this time on the Mike Francesa show?  What kind of team is he going to promise us next year? What ever he says, I'm not buying a word of it.If Jeff and Fred, after seeing how the Yankees, Phillies and Braves performed this year, and after attendance went down so much at Citi Field where they could thank people by name on the jumbo screen for showing up, can sit pat and do nothing this off season to improve this ball club.  And I don't mean firing the Coaching Staff and Omar because that is a flat out given-I'm talking about picking up some players and YES even releasing some players that money is owed to.   Than either the Wilpons really don't care about this team and are just out to make any money they can OR they are completely FLAT BROKE and I mean FLAT "we are looking for a silent partner" BROKE!So until I see some changes, I have ZERO faith in the ownership of this ball club.  I can't defend them any longer and I as a fan, all I could do to show my anger and disappointment is by not supporting the Wilpons with the money in my pocket.   For the past two days, all I've heard is how Omar and Jerry are walking on Monday...yea, sure...I'll believe that when I see it and let me tell you, that's my new attitude.  SHOW ME.  Show me that the team is taking a New Direction, show me with smart moves like a new GM, Manager, and Hitting Coach.  Show me you really want to win by cutting some bad contracts and picking up some good hard nosed players. Show me that the team is heading toward a championship.  Show me that the ownership wants to win by ACTIONS not words. Don't think that I'm expecting an entire overhaul of players, I don't want a Fantasy Team ala Steve Phillips.  And I don't expect this team to win the Fall Classic next year-though I think they might have the potential to do so.  But, like all Met fans, we want to see a team going forward, going somewhere, rather than just where they are now, which is just plain standing still. This has been a tough season for all Met fans and I'm quite sure this post season might not make things better.  I love this team as I'm sure all fellow fans do and don't think it's killing me to feel this way about the team that I love because it is.  But fans like myself and my friend Charlie know, we all know what this team needs and if the Wilpons want to play games with us again, it might cost them more than a Post Season. It might make Citi Field into echo chamber.And if they don't know what that looks and sounds like, they should try glancing out of their owners box this afternoon and check out just how many fans showed up.