Well that's what I'm hearing, all the Phillie fans are telling me that got the East division locked up and the Series in Chase Utley's back pocket. It's amazing, in one bold move the Phillies managed to win the Fall Classic and force the Yankees to sign Mark Prior.  Well I've been doing some serious thinking about this whole Cliff Lee thing and I got one thing to say-to hell with them.Until I see the Phillies hoist up the World Series Trophy, their just another team that looks good on paper....again.  And I'll say it, they are better than the Mets, I knew this before Lee went back.  I have no problem watching the Mets get their brains beat in this year.  I know what their capable of and even though Sandy tells me to optimistic, I still think this team will have serious problems competing this year if the players in their walk year don't play well.  But Sandy's got a plan and I'm willing to wait-as painful as it might be.But as for the Phillies, until I see Howard catch up to a fastball,  and Rollins playing more games than days on the DL  and Madson and Lidge holding the down the last two innings, their just another team that might make the playoffs and get knocked out of the second round.Yea I know I sounds crazy but I never thought the Giants could beat them last year, especially after watching Halladay pitch a no hitter- I figured they had not only momentum but Karma on their side.So much for that huh? So I look at the Phillies like this, if they think they got it won, great.  Do it, handle the pressure and close the deal because this year, they have absolutely no excuse to fail. Good luck Phillies and by the way, don't blow it!Because if you do, I'll be right here to remind you of what you did wrong and how you let such a great opportunity go to waste.