I hoping that the Mets bring it to the Phillies this weekend, I really do.In my opinion, I think today is a nightmare for Philly.....a meaningless double header.  The Mets, who at this point have only pride to play for, can play as loose and as hard as they want.  The Phillies have to be careful; their main objective is probably getting out of Queens without losing a player.Now I'm not advocating the Mets playing dirty but there is no reason why the Mets can't play hard and force the Phillies to pull back.I remember last year, around this time, when Chase Utley slid hard into second base taking out Rubin Tejada.  Remember that game?  David Wright actually got mad.  Chase Utley and the Phillies just called it sour grapes.I really hope someone in the clubhouse reminds them of that.  Reminds them of take out slide.You know what I want to see from the Mets?  I want to see hard play.  I want to see inside pitches, I want to see slides that ruin double plays.  The Phillies have pretty much made it known that they don't want to play until next week, that's fine with me, they have every right to rest their players and get ready.I just don't want the Mets to stop playing-just for six more games.